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Applications of Nanotechnology in Chemistry

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Applications of Nanotechnology in Chemistry

Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale. It is used to create advanced objects through the manipulation of atoms. Nanotechnology is mainly applicable in two fields; chemistry and biology. Nanoparticles are used to destroy abnormalities such as cancers or tumors in medicinal practices. They are also used by chemists to improve regular materials, so that construction is made safer and easier.
      Steel has been widely available material and has a major role in the construction industry. The use of nanotechnology in steel helps to improve the properties of steel. The fatigue, which led to the structural failure of steel due to cyclic loading, such as in bridges or towers.The current steel designs are based on the reduction in the allowable stress, service life or regular inspection regime. This has a significant impact on the life-cycle costs of structures and limits the effective use of resources.The Stress risers are responsible for initiating cracks from which fatigue failure results .The addition of copper nanoparticles reduces the surface un-evenness of steel which then limits the number of stress risers and hence fatigue cracking. Advancements in this technology using nanoparticles would lead to increased safety, less need for regular inspection regime and more efficient materials free from fatigue issues for construction. Welds and the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) adjacent to welds can be brittle and fail without warning when subjected to sudden dynamic loading. The addition of nanoparticles of magnesium and calcium makes the HAZ grains finer in plate steel and this leads to an increase in weld toughness. The increase in toughness at would result in a smaller resource requirement because less material is required in order to keep stresses within allowable limits.
      The glass is also an important material in construction.There is a lot of research being carried out on the...


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