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Nano Technology

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Nanotechnology is one of the most active research areas that encompass a number of disciplines including civil engineering and construction materials.   Traditionally, nanotechnology has been concerned with developments in the fields of microelectronics, medicine and materials sciences. However, the potential for application of many of the developments in the nanotechnology field in the area of construction engineering is growing. In this paper a broad overview of the potential application of various nanotechnology developments in the construction engineering field is discussed, and the potential for further basic research that may lead to improved systems is evaluated.

Nanotechnology is the use of very small pieces of material by themselves or their manipulation to create new large scale materials with new properties.   Nanotechnology is the use of very small particles of material either by themselves or by their manipulation to create new large scale materials. The size of the particles, though, is very important because at the length scale of the nanometer, 10^-9m, the properties of the material actually become affected. The precise size at which these changes are manifested varies between materials, but is usually in the order of 100 nm or less.
A nano particle is a microscopic particle whose size is measured in nanometers (nm). It is defined as a particle with at least one dimension less than 200nm.
“Widespread use (of nanotechnology in construction) might be of course hindered (for) economic reasons but, in my opinion, currently, it is lack of   knowledge which does not allow for the many small but possibly extremely   useful improvements that nanotech might bring about”..

Concrete is one of the most common and widely used construction materials. The rapid development of new experimental techniques makes it possible to study the properties of cementitious materials at micro/nano-scale.   Research has been conducted to study the hydration process,...


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