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Should Capital Panishment Be Abolished

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The controversial debate over the death penalty has been going on for a very long time and still has no conclusive solution. Many people have different views on this issue. It is well known that there is a consensus that heinous murders need to be severely punished, but there is no consensus on what kind of punishment would be proper. Would it be life in prison or death penalty?
There is strong argumentation from the people who are for execution of heinous murders. Firstly, it is believed that the death penalty can prevent future murders, because of realization of criminals that they will suffer the same consequences. Due to that theory, our environment will be much safer. Secondly, most people think that someone who has raped and slathered a child should not be consider as human being. The last argument to keep the death penalty is practical because it costs the taxpayers money to feed and provide them with adequate shelter while their victim is six feet under the ground.
But what if an innocent is sent to gallows? That is the strongest argument of those who stand for abolishment of capital punishment. One innocent life, taken on that way, is really to much. Secondly, it has been said that capital punishment is brutal, that it is according to the law of jungle. They also think that sometimes life in prison more difficult for murder than death penalty.
Taking everything into consideration, my opinion is that capital punishment should not be abolished. It should exist, but we should be very careful when someone is sent to electric chair. Human monster deserves no mercy.


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