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Local Governement

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Masters in Public Administration
PA 210 Local Government Administrations
Claro L. Lagman


      * Is simply a government of the affairs of countries, town, etc… by locally elected political bodies.
      * An administrative body for a small geographical area, such as city, town, country or state.
      * A kind of administration and politics at the below national government e.g. country and borough councils.
      * LG are administrative offices that are smaller than a state.
      * The term is used to contrast with offices of nation and state level which are referred to as the central government, national government, or federal government.



  About 25,000 B.C. | The ancestors of the Philippines' aboriginal inhabitants—the Negritos or Aeta—come from the Asian mainland, crossing shallow seas and land bridges. (Archaeological evidence suggests that the Philippines may have been inhabited many thousands of years before then, but that can't be stated with certainty. The oldest human fossil found so far is 22,000 years old.) |
About 3000 B.C. | New inhabitants come from Indonesia. This is repeated around 1000 B.C. |
About 200 B.C. | The first of several waves of Malayan settlers arrives from South China. |
1300s A.D. | Extensive trade is being conducted with India, Indonesia, China, and Japan. Arab traders from Indonesia introduce Islam to the Filipinos. |
1521 | Ferdinand Magellan explores the islands now known as the Philippines |
1542 | Spanish military party claims islands for Spain; names them "Philippines" after Prince Philip, later King Philip II of Spain; Philippines becomes part of Spanish Empire |
1899 | Treaty of Paris ends Spanish-American War, cedes Philippines to U.S.Filipinos declare their independence; Emilio Aguinaldo leads guerrilla war against U.S. |
1916 | U.S. government passes Jones Law establishing elected...


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