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The Regulators of North Carolina

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The history of colonial North Carolina is bombarded with frequent strife and

  turmoil.   The people of North Carolina, because of a lack in supervision from

  the British monarchy, learned to possess an independent spirit.   The colony remained

  isolated from the rest of the country because of several geographical

  conditions such as poor harbors, the abscence of navigable rivers, numerous

  swamps, and bad road conditions.   Due to these conditions, communities

  throughout North Carolina became widely seperated.   The colony was initially

  set up by the Lords Proprietors, an English founding company that helped

  finance early American exploration.   When North Carolina was freed from

  British proprietorship, the Granville family, descendants from the original

  Lords Proprietors, con-tinued to hold their land rights.   This area, which

  became known as the "Granville District," was the scene of many disputes over

  land grants, taxes, British support, and a great deal of lesser issues.

      Settlers in the back country (Piedmont) felt particularly oppressed by the laws

  drawn up by an assembly largely composed of eastern landowners.   "Local"

  officials in many counties, particularly in the western segment of the back

  country were not local men at all, but friends of the royal governor, William

  Tryon.   These so-called "friends" often collected higher fees than authorized

  by the law while obtaining tax money or divided a single service into many

  services and charged fees for each.   Lawyers who followed the judges around

  the colony also fell into the same habit.


  The citizens of Anson, Orange, and Granville counties were the first to make

  themselves heard.   In 1764, this band of citizens, referred to as the "mob," created a

  number of local disturbances until Governor Arthur...


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