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The Simpsons Satire

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The Simpsons Satire

  Satire is a literally work holding up human vices and follies to ridicule and scorn.   Satire is done through many forms, such as:

    • Exaggeration

    • Incongruity

    • Reversal

    • Parody

  One satire in our popular culture is the Simpsons.   Every week, a new episode has been put on TV, so over 21 years the Simpsons has the record for the longest running animated series.   On each new episode, the Simpsons satirises various things such as sport, religion, politics, economy, the American dream, and just about every debateable, or controversial topic or argument in America.

  The family themselves satirises the stereotypical American family, such as:

    • Homer satirises the not so good father, half the time drunk, fat, lazy, horrible parent and hates his job.

    • Marge satirises the household mum, worries all the time, gossips all the time about the wrong doings of other mums, and takes care of Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

    • Bart satirises the trouble maker of the family, he isn’t interested at school, always pulling pranks and constantly terrorises his sister, Lisa.

    • Lisa satirises the ‘super kid’ of families, straight A’s, the reading level of a person more than twice her age, and has a great talent for the saxophone.

    • Maggie satirises the fact that every family in America seems to have a baby.

  It isn’t only the Simpsons family that satirises things, most of the other character satirise other various things, such as:

    • Mr Burns, who satirises the rich, greedy, selfish, evil, billionaire.

    • Barany satirises the drunk.

    • Ned Flanders satirises the Christian.

  These are only a few of the many other satire characters.   But it isn’t only the characters that satirise the American life, it is also the plot and storyline, for example:

    • There is one episode where Homer goes into another Quick-E Mart and asks for fireworks, the shop owner begins to say “But...


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