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People Can't Success Unless They Take Other Team Member's Criticism

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With the rapid development of our society, there are an increasing numbers of people who concern about whether people can’t success unless they take other team member’s criticism. Some people assert that a constructive criticism would help people improve their performance, while others have negative attitude toward this statement. Despite many diversified opinions aired by various people based on their personal stances, there can be no doubt that people who are willing to accept others’ suggestions have more chances to success.

First of all, many arrogant people often refuse to accept criticism from their associates, therefore, they may lose chances to improve their weakness. On the other hand, people who has open-minded attitude always treat others’ opinions as useful advice which can help them achieve success. In this way, the constructive criticisms can help the recipients avoid potential mistakes which they may not aware of before. During this period time, people would learn lots knowledge and skills, therefore, those suggestions can turn a novice into a master. That’s why I am greatly convinced that people who want to have a successful career should consider their colleague’s opinions carefully.

Another reason worth mentioning is that people who success in their interpersonal relationships always take other team members’ criticism in a positive way. In order to bring the maximum benefit to the group, people have to figure out how to interact well with others and reduce the conflicts. To put this point into an actual context, my brother is a sagacious person and he takes others’ judgment seriously. Even he thought their opinions are not reasonable, he still try his best to convince others to accept his ideas. Thus, everyone likes to work with him. There is no gainsaying that taking criticisms from your co-works seriously can help you success in social relationships.

Admittedly, people may have confidence in themselves and they don’t want to listen...


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