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Religion and Society

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Religion provides a worldview and an ethos.   Religion can’t exist without ethics, due to the fact that it answers questions about morality. Generally religion is thought about in two ways. Firstly religions are ways in which humans can relate to an ultimate reality and secondly it is methods for bringing about various sorts of human transformation. However this essay will discuss religionby firstly looking at ways religion is defined. Secondly how religion is defined in society.Thirdley

Ways in which religion is defined.
There are three ways to define religion. Firstly some would say that a religion consist of a supernatural being. It means that anything that has to do with a supernatural that is religion. In other words some people say that a religion is not a religion if there is no reference to god, one that is beyond which we can define and explain . A religion must have followers, instructions and it must have a belief system. This relates to the fact that certain religion has creeds. The Anglicans practice the niece creed, which is a confession before Holy Communion. Therefore in order to characterize something as a religion it has to have certain characteristics. However Robin Gill argues and ask a question how many characteristics or phenomena must a religion have before it becomes a religion? He also says whichever religion one chooses; you have take note or cognizes of the culture in which that religion takes place. Our cultural values should not come into conflict with our religious values. Due to the fact that some think that their faith is in conflict with culture. For example we might practice the same religion, but not practice the same things. The way Muslims dress is different in different regional and geographical locations. Therefore he gives a warning that one must be careful that our cultural value does not necessarily become our religious values. Hence we should not see cultural values but religious values.
The moral...


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