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'Pros and Cons' of Technology in Modern Society

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Is it Time to Turn Our Tech to Standby?

Advances in technology have had a significant impact on modern day society. Products and services that initially were only accessible to the wealthy years ago, are now as much a part of our daily lives as our toothbrush. Younger generations are growing up in a world that is totally dominated by gadgets such as mobile phones, MP3 players and the internet, to name but few. One article argues that “...through these labour saving gadgets, we are becoming more civilised as a species...”, and we are finding fast track alternatives to unenjoyable tasks and chores, making it more convenient for all of us. But has it got to the point where we are relying too much on electronic gadgetry? Is it time that we put these devices on standby and took a good look at ourselves? There is countless arguments and evidence which would be of the same opinion. Young people of the modern age crave being able to “surf the net”, text their friends, or blast music through their earphones to the point of deafness. However, modern “tech” can have a serious effect on young people in most walks of life. Whether it be their mental or physical health; their academic achievements; “cyber bullying” or sociable skills, it is evident that modern technology is having mixed opinions between individuals whether it is a blessing or a curse.
It would appear most children of the western world today are “tech crazy” and acquire only the latest gadgetry and gizmos - at the expense of their parent’s wages. In the majority of cases, parents just do not posses the will-power to say no to their kids anymore, no matter how elevated the tech’s price is. On the other hand, it is evident from own past experiences that children also feel pressure to own these gadgets. If a kid does not possess the latest cutting edge “smart-phone” or laptop, many other kids would think they are not up to the standard required which may lead to children being singled out. One study in 2010...


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