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Perfect Imagination

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You fall down while playing the biggest game of your life.
The world laughs at you, jeers at you and walks out of the stadium.
A friend rushes down from the stands
Lends you a hand, a ride back home and so much more.

You accidentally drop coffee down your crush’s shirt on your first date together.
The world shows its ugly side and moves on. The love of your life angrily shows you his back.
A friend comes quickly
takes you for a quiet dinner and a movie. He doesn’t even realize how much he’s doing.

You score the lowest marks in your strongest subject.
You sit back in class and wet the exam papers with your tears.
The friend sits with you, offers you sympathy and suggests some coaching classes for you.

You were caught drooling in your sleep in someone’s sleepover party video.
The world laughs and sneers, mocks and makes fun of you.
The teasing won’t stop. It can’t.
Your friend smiles at you and decides to tell a lie that you knew you were being video-ed and were trying to be funny.

As you might have realized, nobody gets “SUCH” an angelic friend…but hey. Its only this life. Maybe the next lifetime you’ll be born an angel and you just might find that true-blue friend amongst the stars…so satisfy yourself with the buddies you’ve got, because who knows, you might have a lifetime worse than an angel’s….


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