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Teen Suicide

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I/ The facts about teen suicide
  * While accident and crime are number 1 and 2, it’s the number 3 killer.
  * More teenagers kill themselves than we know, that is because some death are not called suicide.
  * All kinds of young people commit suicide. Young men are five times more likely to commit suicide than are young women. More females try to kill themselves, but they usually try taking pills or cutting their wrists, so they are likely to be saved by doctors.
  * About 5,000 young people do take their lives each year. That is not counting the suicides that are called accidents. Studies tell us that for each person who dies there may be 100 who try but fail. That means 500,000 attempts are made each year. This fact is so shocking that people are paying more attention to teen suicide.
II/ Why it happens
  * When normal thinking is blocked by feelings, people have an emotional reaction. And that kind of reaction is most likely to happen when the person is having a crisis.
  * Life is like a ride on a roller coaster. It has its ups, times when everything is going great. And it has its downs, when things are so bad. When the down part is very steep and the problems are very bad, that time is called a crisis. A crisis happens in steps. At one of those steps a person may have an emotional reaction that can lead to suicide.
  * Young people often have stronger emotions than older people. They also are likely to copy the suicide from other young people. When this happens, it is called a “copycat suicide”.

III/ Signs of suicide
  * Most people who are thinking about suicide talk about it. Eight out of ten young people who kill themselves tell someone about it.
  * People who plan to die don’t care about their belongings anymore, they give away things that have been special   favorites.
  * People who mean to kill themselves don’t value their lives, they do dangerous things like climbing out on a high cliffs, playing dangerous sports without...


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