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Othello Insight

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Othello contained many morals. From racism to relationships, each scene portrayed at least one suggestion to a moral. Through out the entire play, jealousy is a huge issue. Jealousy is an evil thing, and this emotion leads to the character’s deaths. Also, never judge a book by its cover. Iago is seemingly trustworthy throughout the entire play, but there is no real reason as to why he’s considered “Honest Iago”. Othello believes everything he says simply because no one disagrees and the truth never unravels. Throughout the play, Othello judges Iago by his honesty and never sees to the source of his information. Other morals are to trust yourself, trust your partner, don’t use anger, always get to the source of things before you assume, and never jump to conclusions. Othello was victim to all of these. He didn’t trust his feelings and sought out gossip and rumors from Iago and quickly jumped to conclusions without any real proof. Racism is subtly prominent, with Iago mentioning slurs like “old black ram”, and the idea that Othello used “black magic” to steal a white woman away from her father. I thought about these things from the play because they aren’t mentioned as much in discussion, however I did notice them when they came up and it was interesting to try to figure out Shakespeare’s opinion on racism.

2.) What the project helped you understand about the play:
Using music to explain a character’s emotions and a scene’s feeling really helped me go into depth about the scenes and the characters and added another dimension to them. By adding music, it adds another emotional sense to certain characters I chose to highlight, which helped me and could help other people see a scene in a different light with the help of a soundtrack. Music can also help people connect to characters better and easier.

3.) Shakespeare’s thoughts about society and why you think that:
Shakespeare, throughout the play of Othello, seems to have a disdain towards society, viewing...


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