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Summary and Response essay
ENC 1101/Hillary Stillwell
Suzanne MacDonell
23 September, 2011
Response Essay
In “Cartoons (Seriously) Can Teach Us about Faith”, Mark I. Pinsky explains how cartoons on television can really teach its viewers about faith. He identifies one cartoon that deals with “faith” quite often. He uses The Simpsons to legitimize his claim. Pinsky discusses how the staple to The Simpsons plot is religion. He also adds that the idea of having faith or in other words having a strong belief in something worthwhile (religion) has been around for centuries. Having a cartoon like The Simpsons puts a modern spin on “faith”. When watching cartoons that deal with faith, don’t expect to be transformed spiritually, but do expect to be unprotected. Ever since I was a little girl, growing up and watching TV shows and movies, I’ve kept on open mind, even up to now.
Many shows on television now can teach you a thing or two about faith. The Simpsons is a great example. Its moderately crude but In a tasteful manner. Another popular cartoon on television, believe it or not, that teaches you about faith is Family Guy. “Death” is a character on the show and is a symbol of spirituality and falls under the category of faith. Another character that symbolizes an aspect of faith is Mort Goldman. He’s a Jewish man, and every episode he is in they are making fun of him and his religion. Family guy is a crude show and isn’t showing “faith” in a positive way, but at the same time it draws viewers in because of its hilarity. Pinsky uses the show South Park in his essay to discuss that despite its offensive and satirical nature many religions are proud to be satirized in order for people to notice and understand what they are about.


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