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Political Cartoons

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Objects/People seen in the cartoon
- Skinny/weak President Obama
-Giant shoes

Cartoon Caption
-The Obama Promise

Three words or phrases used to identify objects or people
-The Obama Promise
-The Obama Presidency
-(Those are the only two phrases in the cartoon)

Any Important Dates or numbers?

Which of the objects on your list are symbols
The giant shoes and the tiny Obama

What each object means:
The giant shoes are the promises Obama has made to the USA, and the tiny Obama himself represents that he is unable to fill those promises, and is struggling to keep his presidency up.

Which words or phrases in the cartoon appear to be the most significant?
Obama Promise, because it’s everything he’s supposed to be changing in the country.

Adjectives describing the emotions portrayed in the cartoon:
Worry, pride, weakness, empty

Action taking place in the cartoon
A weak Obama struggling to keep walking in a giant pair of shoes.
How the words clarify the symbols
The words show that the shoes symbolize all the change that is supposed to be happening in America, but that have not yet been filled.

Message of the cartoon
Obama makes a ton of promises he can’t keep

Objects in the cartoon:


Cartoon Caption or title
SS. Obama

Three words or phrases used
US Economy

Important dates or numbers

Which of the objects are symbols?

What Each Symbol means:
The boat represents Obama, and the icebergs represent all of the challenges he’s been faced with, and how difficult the presidency has been for him.

Words or phases in the cartoon that are significant
Obama 2012
US Economy
Stock Market
Greek Collapse
Global Warming
Wealth Gap
Republican Mudslinging

Adjectives that describe emotions felt

Action taking place in the cartoon:
Obama (boat) navigating through all of the problems he’s...


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