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Obama's Job Speech

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Michael Stuart
Analytical Essay
English 102
September 20, 2011
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Last Thursday President Obama delivered a direct message to Congress and the American people to “pass this bill right away.” Obama makes it very clear that the American Jobs Act is exactly what our country needs in order to jumpstart our failing economy.   The plan that he laid out appeals to all citizens.   It will create thousands of jobs for construction workers, teachers, veterans and the long term unemployed.   It seems that Obama has realized the great frustration of citizens, in which people are exhausted by the fact that our Congress cannot seem to get anything done.   He speaks for all Americans when he stated that politics need to be put aside in order for this bill to actually be passed.   As a conservative, I believe that this bill is very bi-partisan and should be agreed upon by Republican Congressman.
It seems there are three main occupations that Obama feels are essential to our economy: construction workers, teachers, and military.   All three of these occupations provide great service to our country.   Construction workers build things that are vital in our everyday lives such as roads, schools, and office buildings.   When these people aren’t working, our infrastructure isn’t progressing at all.   In order to be seen as an international powerhouse, America needs to invest in construction projects.   Teachers provide a crucial service to the young people of this great nation.   They enable their students to learn new things, which will ultimately make our nation smarter as a whole.   The Veterans are truly the unsung heroes of our country.   They put their lives on the line to ensure the safety and freedom of America.   There should be no reason, as the President said, for these Veterans to come home and no be able to find a job.   The least that these men and women deserve when they come home is a job.
President Barack Obama did a great job representing all Americans.   In his...


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