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Pak Us Relationship

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Pakistan–United States relations
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Pakistan-United States relations Map indicating locations of Pakistan and United States

United States
Circular diagram showing 96% of U.S. funding to Pakistan in military efforts and 1% in development efforts.

The United States–Pakistan relations refers to the international, historical, and cultural bilateral relationship between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the United States of America. Roughly two months of its establishment after the departure of the subcontinent by Great Britain, the United States established relations with the Pakistan on 20 October 1947.

The United States has credible distinction of being among the very first nations to have established relations with Pakistan in late 1940s, but since then, the relationships has been based primarily on extensive economic, scientific, and military assistance to Pakistan.[1] Allying with the United States during the Cold war against Soviet Union, Pakistan was an integral in CENTO and SEATO— both alliances opposed the Soviet Union and Communism. Relations were soured in 1970s with the democratic government which was in power. However, the closely coordinated military cooperation deepened in 1980s against Soviet expansion in Central Asia. After the disintegration of USSR, and Pakistan's subsequent return to democracy, the relations once again became cold with the U.S. imposing economic embargo on Pakistan during the most of 1990s. At present, Pakistan is designated as a...


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