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Women's Issues Today

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Women’s issues today
1) http://gloriafeldt.com/2011/04/12/equal-pay-day-2011-are-republicans-in-congress-trying-to-make-women-%E2%80%9Cbarefoot-and-pregnant%E2%80%9D-again/
• Women currently make about 20% less than men even when the numbers are controlled for education and experience.
• April 11, 2011—the day designated as Equal Pay Day by the National committee on Pay Equity
• it’s still essential to address the systemic biases that keep women metaphorically barefoot, or at least not as generously shod as men
• “It’s not about fixing women; it’s about making organizations more flexible and more tolerant.”
• They (Congressional Republicans) disproportionally decimate programs and services that help women achieve economic equality, but not those that benefit the male-dominated corporate giants and the men’s historically favorite pastime: wars.
• The relevance of the “barefoot and pregnant” cultural narrative remains central to an inclusive and just America because economic parity and reproductive justice are and will always is intertwined, not only in the lives of individual women but in the nation’s economic health as well.
• If a woman can’t decide when to have a child, she can’t reliably enter the workforce to earn income for her family’s support, and she can’t contribute her skills to economic growth.
• It’s simplistic to think that giving a woman access to preventive family planning services means she’ll find a great job and suddenly get pay equality with men. Nevertheless, the fundamentals remain.

2) http://countrystudies.us/iran/53.htm
• With the notable exception of the Westernized and secularized upper and middle classes, Iranian society before the Revolution practiced public segregation of the sexes.
• In the traditional view, an ideal society was one in which women were confined to the home, where they performed the various domestic tasks associated with managing a household and raising children. Men worked in the public sphere, that is, in...


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