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Risk Prediction

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Risk Prediction     1
The case studies involving Colleen M. and Xander L. are extremely diverse. Colleen M. has experienced extreme dysfunction in her family life since she was an infant. She has also experienced drug abuse at an early age, based on her mother’s drug problem. She has been forced to move in with a family member, who has lost some control of Colleen, based on her conduct, and her association with individuals who pose a negative influence on her. As a result she has been placed in a situation that has caused her to react in such a manner that she has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. While on the other hand, Xander L. has continued to live in somewhat of a stable home with his mother. Since his mother has had to work two jobs to support them, she has not been involved in his life enough to keep him out of the gang environment. As a result of his gang involvement he has been arrested on previous occasion for drug possession, theft, and breaking and entering. His most recent arrest for possession of a concealed weapon, while it may be serious, does not come close to the offense Colleen M. committed.
Looking at both of these case studies one must remember and consider all the factors in these two juvenile’s lives. While both have involved themselves early on in criminal activity, both have backgrounds which initially provided them with a poor start. Nonetheless, that does not give these children a free pass to break the law, and then allow society to feel sorry for them. After reading both cases studies and then applying each juvenile’s case to The Missouri Juvenile Risk Assessment Scale, it was interesting how different each subject rated on the risk level. Taking into consideration all the facts provided in the study and facts not present, each subject rated significantly different on the scale.
Colleen M. rated a risk score of three, making her a moderate risk. However, information related to her parents prior incarceration history, as...


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