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Goverment in America

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William Harmon

The role of our government, like all governments is to tax, penalize, punish, restrict, and   regulate their people. Each year the government enacts about 500 laws, and cities, countries, school districts and other local governments enact some of their own rules to follow. The government resolves conflict between people, organizations, and problems with other countries. This prevents for the most part, fighting, murders, and terrorism. Our government is here to protect us from ourselves and other foreign threats.
The key players in the development of the political process in my opinion are George Washington , Thomas Jefferson and George Madison. Washington, our 1st President of The United States was maybe more useful to our country in War then his political decisions but he still had an impact. He shot down an invite to join a rebellion with some unhappy soldiers because they weren't getting paid, and instead he took their argument to congress to help them get the pay they were seeking. Thomas Jefferson was maybe the most important figure in the history our development. Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, founded the American party system, served as Governor of Virginia, American Minister of France and was the first Secretary of State under President George Washington.   Under his presidency he doubled the size of our country with the Louisiana Purchase. James Madison helped write the constitution, and he understood it maybe more then any other man. According to Madison, “controlling faction” was the principal task of government. There are many stakeholders of our government, the most being us, the American people. Every decision the government makes affects us in one way or another, and the government is here first and foremost to serve and protect us. All the organizations in America our stakeholders as well, they rely on the government for grants, aids, and to bale them out when they go bankrupt. Other countries are also...


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