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Relationships Between Stories

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Relationships Between Stories

You may wonder how a novel about a dog surviving in the wild can relate to a story about a Jewish family trying to brave the Holocaust.Or how a story about a mentally ill man going through ups and downs in his education can be tied to a novel about a group of troubled hoods who have no family except for there fellow greasers.No matter how different the stories are they all can be tied together, they all have a common theme. “ Flowers for Algernon,” by Daniel Keyes,The Diary of Anne Frank by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and The Call of the Wild by Jack London all deal with love and special bonds.

“ We couldn’t get along without him. WE needed Johnny as much as he needed the gang. And for the same reason.” (The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton) As ponyboy sits in the hospital dying he realizes that Johnny needs him. The gang loves Johnny and he loves the gang. The greaser’s poverty and vulnerability band these boys together, but through all their encounters and experiences the grew emotions towards each other. They began to love one another, whether they admit it or not. Throughout the gang there are more intricate, special bonds such as Dally and Johnny. They both are without family and count on their fellow greasers for support.
In the novel, “Call of the Wild.” by Jack London ,Buck was a family dog living in a large house in the Santa Clara Valley.   He was loved and treated lovingly by Judge Miller's family. Soon Buck found himself away from civilization and spending time with sled dogs. There he witnessed Curly’s death. She was torn apart by the other dogs. Buck felt Curly was a very friendly dog and had a bond with her. Long after a series of events Buck falls in love with the man who took his life from the cruel fate he was heading towards, John Thornton. Buck’s love for John is so great that at one point in the story the man jokingly tells Buck to jump of a cliff, and the dog prepares to...


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