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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

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          In today’s society most people’s ethnic identity consists of more than one race. For example, I myself am Caucasian and Filipino and I can relate to both of the races. But I am mostly interested in my father’s nationality and that is Filipino. I have found some interesting things out about the heritage of the Filipino American and the thing they have had to endure to get where they are in our society today.
          Our history as Filipino Americans started on October 18, 1587. From this time until the year 1815, Filipinos were made to work as sailors and deckhands on boats and ships that were called Spanish Galleons like the one’s in the following pictures. ,the next one is coming up:

          Think about it folks these seamen were forced to work on these ships for small salaries and meager living conditions. Once they landed in a town known as Morro Bay California. There was a group of Filipino Seamen that were sent to the California shoreline to stake a claim in the land in the name of the current Spanish King.
          In the mid 1700’s Filipinos set up their first village in the bayous of Louisiana. During which time the workers that were Filipinos working on board of these Spanish ships began jumping ship to get away from all the bad treatment going on board the ships that they were working on. They had many nicknames for the Filipino workers and they included names like “Manilamen”, “Luzon Indians”, these were basically Spanish speaking sailors. These Filipino Americans ended up building their living structures up on stilts all up and down the Louisiana coastline   in the New Orleans area. These immigrants were among the first of the settlers to put sun dried shrimp on the market.
            During the year 1781, a Filipino named Miranda Rodriguez Poblador was sent along with almost 4 dozen other Filipinos by the Spanish government from the country of Mexico to start up the city that is now known as...


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