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It is generally acknowledged that academic study is the primary responsibilities for students. Students are supposed to concentrate on their various academic activities, such as lecture preparation, research analysis and group discussion. As a result, classes and libraries are considered the most essential resources for their daily use. Firstly, let’s talk about ‘software’ area. It is necessary that allocating more subsidies on lectures so that the quality of courses could be improved. For example, hiring good professors with rich experiences should be put on the high priority. On the other hand, considering resource limitation, university should assign an increasing amount of monetary resources on related research projects. Secondly, university’s ‘hardware’ resource is another issue. Undoubtedly, libraries are the crucial ones in the university. When students need to prepare their thesis papers or engage in research projects, library is the only place that they seek for materials. Thus, the vast amount of books stored and the up-to-date informative materials symbolize a good library.

Admittedly, for purpose of striking a balance, I agree that students should participate in sports and social activities in their spare time. It is commonly known that a versatile person should master multi-dimensional skills in terms of academic and social areas. For instance, it is inevitable that students’ pressure is pretty high when they deal with lots of schoolwork. To strengthen the body to sustain such high volume of studies, they need to engage in more physical exercises. In addition, students are encouraged to expand their network and enhance their social skills by taking part in social activities.


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