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Life is Full of Good and Bad Decisions

  The reason I decided to come back to college to get my degree is mostly because of the    

downturn of the economy. I started back in 2004 to get my degree, but my mother cancer

had got aggressive, so I wanted to be there for her, so I dropped out. My mother also

struggled because she did not go to college. I saw my mother have to take jobs that were

legally able to pay less than minimum wage to support me and my sister. I knew I did not

want to live like that, but I actually followed in my mom’s footsteps. My job now is great

but if I lose this job, I will definitely have to work my way back up the ladder. Starting

back at minimum wage would be devastating.

    This is a great time to get back in because I want to be a better example to my son. I

want him to know that education is very important, if you want to be a success in this

world. Having just a high school education will keep you boxed in low paying jobs that

can be done by anybody with out a specialized degree.   Being a single parent, I feel since

my son is still so young, it would be easier to get my education now, so I can focus on

him more once he is older.

    I know that it also pains my father that I did not go straight to college after high school.

I am the only child of his that does not have a college education.   I know at the time I was

not ready, but I do regret waiting 12 years to get back in school. I see how my sisters and

brother have excellent careers, they get to go on great vacations and overall they feel

secure in where they are in life because of their education.

    My job also started to downsize tremendously once others employment areas in the

country started to downsize. I am in the health insurance industry and if people we are

insuring are getting laid off, we do not have many people to cover. This was truly the

wake up call that I...


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