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Persuasive Swim

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Have you ever turned down an offer to go to a water park, or to swim at a beach merely because you couldn’t swim? The twinge of regret of not learning how to swim will always surface from time to time in these situations. Why should you learn how to swim? There are three reasons why you should learn to swim; it can benefit you to be social, safe, and healthy.

Just like the situation stated earlier, knowing how to swim opens up new social activities such as going sailing and going to the hotel pool. This way, you can go with friends to anywhere you want, with no limitations just because of not knowing how to swim. However, even if you don’t care about being a party pooper, there are a plethora of activities that are more accessible if you know how to swim. Scuba diving, white-water rafting, and surfing are just a few activities that are more fun if you know how to swim. Instead of being the one scared of the water, you could be the one splashing around, having fun. Swimming with friends is always a fun social activity, and competitive swimming can help you make new friends who are also competitive swimmers.

Safety might be a concern for some people, but swimming is one of the sports that cause the least injuries. As a swimmer myself, I had never met anyone who has gotten an injury in swimming for all 10 years of my swimming career. Swimming is a very safe sport because it places no stress on your joints and bones, and that it has incredibly low levels of impact. Many athletes who train for other sports swim just because they can work full out and have a very low chance of injuring themselves. So instead of being a dangerous sport, knowing how to swim actually provides you with the skills to be safe. As important as knowing how to give CPR is, knowing how to swim might save your own life. If there is a flash flood, hurricane or tsunami, people who know how to swim would be much more safe than those who don’t know.

Finally, swimming promotes a healthy...


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