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Ford is leading the way in electric vehicle technology.
Ford has been perfecting electric vehicle technology for more than a decade. In fact, Ford was the first to introduce a hybrid SUV. Today, Ford is creating the future of electric vehicles with its development of plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles. When introduced, they will be the state of the art in electric vehicle technology. Ford has set the bar very high. And you can be confident these innovative new electric vehicles will live up to that high standard.
Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Great mileage meets Great Performance.
Ford has combined its 21st century version of the internal combustion engine with an electric motor and a high-voltage Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery to create its Hybrid Electric Vehicles. They deliver up to 50% better fuel economy* than their non-hybrid counterparts without sacrificing merging and passing power.
Hybrid Basics
It's called a hybrid because it's part gasoline engine, part electric motor. Thanks to the electric motor, the gasoline engine does not have to run all the time. And when a Ford hybrid is being powered by electricity, it's not burning gasoline. Good for fuel efficiency. Good for the planet. In most instances at low speeds and for short distances, Ford hybrids run exclusively on electricity. At higher speeds, and when you need more power, the gasoline engine kicks in. Ford hybrids also feature a Regenerative Braking System. Unlike a traditional gasoline engine where the energy generated by braking is lost, this innovative technology enables Ford hybrids to capture braking energy and store it for later use.
  * Powered by: Gasoline engine and electric motor
  * Electrical Connection: Doesn't need to be plugged in
  * Fuel: Gasoline
  * Battery charged by: When running, the gasoline engine charges battery. Energy from braking is also captured to charge battery
  * Gasoline engine operation: Powers vehicle at higher speeds, shuts off at low speeds and...


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