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Essay: Imagine that climb to the highest peak. Believe that you are the first to subdue him. Already foretaste joy of victory when I noticed that someone else has got on top before you – ahead of you is, How would you feel and what you do in this situation?
The peak is a symbol of victory, and when someone else has gone before me, then I lose. In this situation, I felt very angry. I’ve long struggled to subdue this peak, but at the last moment, I understand that someone is ahead of me. The first thoughts that will rotate my head are how to get rid of this guy. Maybe I pushed him over the top … But when I think about the man before me is not guilty that I’m slow, so he is ahead of me. Would still be happy that I managed to subdue the mountain. I will congratulate the winner and will ask him how he managed to climb so quickly. Then I can try to subdue another peak, which I’m sure that nobody has picked up.
Many times I happened to overtake me. Once a lady of Chemistry said that first, before their notebooks receive six. I was very old and so I wanted to give written, but a girl ahead of me and literally threw his notebook to the teacher. Naturally, I felt terrible. I wanted to kill this kid!However, the lady next hour test me and I was deserved. This event showed me that no case does remain invaluable. I realized that I should not give up, but must continue to operate. So I received and since I know that I was overtaken at the top – will not give up until you get to the winner. Just a tip I greeted him and asked how he coped so well.
I have been anticipating and in competitions. A few years ago I appeared competitions for the most beautiful dress and best made of Halloween pumpkin. I was dressed as Princess lava, with a long orange and black dress and witch hat. The suit was very nice, but winning daughter of the organizer of the competition. Very angry. In general it was not fair to win this child. But it turned out that my pumpkin was the best. All viewers in...


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