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What Comes with Age

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Levi Allen
M. Fort
Composition I 1410 34

                    What Comes With Age
My grandma Judy is an amazing person; in her 75 years here on earth she has accomplished so many things. She started out working with her husband on a farm, and then Judy began attending college at the University of Minnesota for nutrition and health. After she finished college she got a job working for the government as a Home Economics Advisor for poverty level Families visiting houses and teaching classes making sure that their children were getting the proper nourishment. While she had that job she saw some horrific things. Things that most people only see in movies, and make them cringe.
“I remember this story vaguely.” She told me as she put the coffee on. My grandma was telling me how she had gone to the U of M and studied nutrition. Soon after she graduated she was hired by the government to travel and inspect households of the lesser privileged. There was a particular house she visited in Randall, MN that caught my attention. The house was just a minute or so from town. When she set off on the trip to reach this house she had no idea what she was in for.
Once Judy arrived at the house she first noticed that it was not much of a house at all, it was more of a large shack, not homey at all. Judy walked to the door and knocked. A woman with not even half a set of teeth in her head answered the door. My grandma began to explain that she worked for the government and she had some pamphlets and things to show her about different nutrition and things regarding her children. The woman welcomed Judy into her kitchen. They sat down at the kitchen table, which was an old beaten up desk, and she began her explaining.   My grandma told me that the woman seemed very interested in everything that she was telling her. She told me the house smelled of putrid cat urine, since they had several cats all over the house, there were also animal feces and pee spots all over....


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