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Takign Notes

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I believe that taking notes in class is useful because it helps you to stay organized, taking notes help you to remember the main facts discussed and more than often those notes contain information that you may not recieve anywhere else. When you take the time to write down notes, you are actually making permanent imprints of that information within the brain that can be easliy recalled later on when needed such as during other lectures or on exam(s) day.
Writing notes during lectures should ALWAYS be a viable technique that students use. If students are chosing not to use note taking as a means to gain success while in college than most likely that student may fail their courses in the end because when writing notes, you gain a head start, which allows you to skim the text instead of reading word for word and helps to lessen confusion when doing reflection, because every bit of information needed will be ready will be at hand.
Many students choose not to take notes, I feel that is somewhat negative. Each person owns their own learning style but taking notes is effective because our brains hold onto information for a certain length of time and most likely after a lecture is completed the student that didn't write down any notes will more than likely forget the key points upon the next lecture or on exam day...they may have an slow recall reaction...in a sense they probably won't remember anything seeming most college students fail to read the text anyways..I feel is you don't read the text then atleast write notes or else you will end up with a blank brain when the informantion needs to be recalled quickly.....meaning they "have not because they wrote not" LOL.


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