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Long Lasting

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Long Lasting
    Some people may have many friends that they say might be there for them no matter what. Although, life is not about having many friends, just to call them “good” friends, it’s about having a close and personal friendship. Having one truly honest friendship, rather than many, not so honest ones. My dearest friend is Kaitlyn. We met many years ago, on the first day of sixth grade. We sat next to each other in every class because our names fell one after another alphabetically. We have shared many memories, adventures, and the bond we have just gets tighter as the days go by.
    What is a friendship without memories? Memories and time shared together are what make friendships fun. Back in the summer of eighth grade my family was going camping at Ft. Desoto Park and Kaitlyn decided to tag along for the fun. While we were there we did nothing but fish, swim, bike, and run around being stupid. We were young, things like catching frogs by the creek, and putting fireflies in jars to make our own lamps, was fun to us. Nothing else mattered but enjoying life when you’re young. Right after we both graduated high school, one of our mutual friends was going on a cruise, and asked us to house sit and take care of her house while she was gone. The neighborhood was needless to say, not one of the best ones out there. Every night all you would hear is dogs barking, gunshots, and cars screeching outside. For a week strait we did not do anything but stay inside and watch movies, until our friend came back home. To this day we think back to all we could have done and we can’t help but laugh.
    Although you can have as many memories as you want, to have a personal friend there needs to be a bond between the two of you. In the beginning of the seventh grade, my mom was pregnant. This would fill anyone with joy and excitement, running around telling everyone of the great news. She was having a few complications here and there, but for the most part the doctor...


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