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To keep the leader on track people's vigilance is one thing but the internal vigilance of the leader by the leader himself is another and the most important thing.

Islam provides us with a dual vigilance system. One is the vigilance of the people-who can very easily be deceived and are being deceived in so called democracy. Second is being aware that Someone else is watching me 24 hours a day and escape from His vigilance is by no mean possible.

When the people are in hibernation and the society also turn its face towards secularism then how come the vigilance system work? In such situation and condition only Might is Right (a very good example is Pakistan itself, being neither Islamic and neither completely Secular). Our system is half breed.

Democracy will work, only when the people are vigilant. The people will be vigilant only when they start indigenous research into everything. This indigenousness of knowledge is the key to the development of a society, economically, politically, socially and culturally.
"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"?

Pearl buck has pointedly marked “When good people in any country cease their vigilance and struggle, then evil men prevail.”It behooves people to do care about those whom they elect,for their material being and well being.Leaders,who are elected by a segment of society are believed to be sincere to the cause of general welfare,who are made to act in a certain way to serve the people in the context of objectivity.Outwardly,public's immediate response against any event or tempted action on the part of their leaders,is of greater importance.Reaction,criticism,comments,protests and chanting slogans are the necessary evils to stunt the maltreatment of leaders.General awareness to the ultimate cause make people more considerable in the eyes of their rulers.Nations,who are ruled by the rulers without their intrinsic consent or in absence of their visionary check,are made to act against their will.People face...


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