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Work Is Hapiness

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Man leads a complex life. He works to support himself and his family. During his non-working hours, he rests and spends the time with his family and friends, or with his hobbies. People look forward to weekends and holidays. 1 have also heard people say that if they were rich or if they win the lottery, they would not work anomer. It may seem as if we do not enjoy our work, we only want leisure time. There is no doubt that leisure does give us a lot of pleasure and that all of us enjoy our leisure moments.
Life today has turned very busy. In the past people used to enjoy their work. They worked very hard all the day and did their work sincerely. After work they thought of rest. But due to increased pressure of work people do their responsiblity as a work and not as a enjoyment. They just want to finish the work as soon as it is possible and then would rest. They don’t really like the work they do. The most important thing that they do such work is just money. Wherever people find more money they rush there. They believe that money can only make their life successful and happier. For this reason they end up with frustration and sadness. They develop hatred for that particular work. This also becomes the reason for stress and strain which develop in them.
We must enjoy our work. It is very necessary. There was a film called 3 idiots based on this. It said that one must love the work he does. Then only one can enjoy work else he will on suffer. Confucius said, “Find a job you enjoy doing and you won’t have to work a day in your life.” Before settling down to a job, each individual should evaluate that that is really the place he or she wants to spend the best part of his or her life in. 
There is an old saying "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Thus we all must enjoy the work we do. This is how we will end up by becoming a successful and satisfied individual. Work in pressure for money is just vain. With this I end my speech. Thank u!


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