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Reasons Why an Internet Should Be Censored

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The Internet has become a growing source of entertainment and information over the past years. Statistics say, there are "over two million new Internet users per month" (NTIA). More than half of all Americans are "online." "In September 2001, 143 million Americans, or about 54% of the population were using the Internet" (NTIA). As more and more people
Become familiar with the internet, the potential of its contents grows rapidly, at an uncontrollable rate. Why uncontrollable? Because in some cases there are no restriction to what can be put one the internet, what can be viewed on the internet, or who can view what is on the internet. Just about anything and everything can be found on the internet. With something such as the internet, which contains virtually an infinite amount of space, more is being added than taken away. Therefore with the growing amount of users, the contents grows as well. Different people use the internet for different things with no worries, because they have the right to. But should everybody have these privileges? With all these people using the Internet, shouldn't there be a restriction on what can and cannot be seen on the internet? Some answer yes, some answer no. For many reasons there is no determinant of who is right or wrong.

There are numerous reasons why the Internet should be censored. The major argument for censorship that has accumulated the most attention deals with the protection of children. "The issue of morality and children has become a leading factor in the struggle over whether or not to attempt to censor the Internet" (Friedman 25). Statistics say that "75% of children ages 14-17 use the Internet and 65% of children ages 10-13 use the Internet" (NTIA). Children can access the Internet at home, at school, at public libraries or at a friend's house. There is so much indecent material on the Internet, such as pornography that children should not be exposed to. How many children have already been exposed to this type of...


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