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Fallacies of Internet Censorship

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  Laws, enforcements, and censorship have been developed since the beginning of civilization.   With freedom, comes responsibility, and with responsibility comes common sense. In a society or nation of few, laws and restriction tend to be smaller, and less complex.   This is contributed by the fact that in small groups, their will be less diversity amongst them. In larger society ranging in millions to billions, the need for a more complex, organized government begins to form. No human is in fact alike, each person possess their own form of will, and much their own point-of-view. In a large mass society, it becomes tedious, and complex to try and rule by anarchy. The need for a common law amongst this civilization is usually formed.  

One of the most critical needs of a civilization is communication. In the past, communication was presented by means of both oral and written forms. Unfortunately, this form of communication is slowly beginning to fade with the invention of the Internet. The internet in its whole is nothing more then a mass networked form of wires that send information throughout the entire world. With this invention, the gaps and boundaries of nations or civilization of our entire planet begin to crumble. Internet, or at least the computers that are connected to it, have a common language known as Binary, a mass complex language read in series of on and off signals. All computers read the same language, and since this is a true form of communication, it allows for cultures, nations and society to communicate with each other, whereas before a simple oral or written communication could not be understood commonly from all nations.

What reasons or needs would there be to censor the internet? As with written or oral language, all of its information is created in fact by a human, which can lead towards being corrupted, destructive or mis-interupted by another. Since the internet is a world wide access of information that is available by all...


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