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Aristotle and His Political Views

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Discuss Aristotle’s notions of good government and bad government and also his justifications for slavery and the subordination of women.

Government is “a general term used to describe both the body that has authority in a given unit – whether national, regional or local — and the whole constitutional government”. The first systematic study and classification of the methods of government was probably that undertaken by Aristotle, and since that time political scientists have been involved in distinguishing the different features of government and politics (Robertson 1993).
Aristotle was born in 384 BC and died in 322 BC. He was considered as logician, scientist and one of the greatest philosophers. He is also regarded as one of the most influential ancient thinkers in a number of philosophical themes, such as political theories. While he was young, he did his earlier studies at Plato’s Academy in Athens and after Plato’s death he went on to complete his studies in Asia Minor and Lesbos. Aristotle's life seems to have influenced his political thought in various ways: his interest in biology seems to be expressed clearly in the naturalism of his politics; his interest in comparative politics and his sympathies for democracy as well as monarchy may have been encouraged by his travels and experience of diverse political systems; he criticizes harshly and his own Politics is intended to guide rulers and statesmen, reflecting the high political circles in which he moved.
In his writings, Aristotle identifies some things about nature. He stated that nature created different statuses where it has put man. Aristotle was of the view that nature was categorized in three different parts, being; family, district and state. He said that the family was there to provide basic necessities for those in it and that it serves as the unit that the persons involved will interact with on a daily basis. The family is considered by Aristotle to be the lowest in the order on how nature...


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