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Fast Food 5

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Today the fast food industry is the most successful and magnificent one. The business is considered to be profitable, since it doesn't require large income. Many fast food restaurants are now operating as franchisees. That means they use the image brand of a well-known company.

Fast food is convenient, quickly served and cheap, so there seems to be no reason why we should dislike it.

Fast food culture of one nation can penetrate into the other; hence it doesn't make any difficulty to enjoy the dishes of this or that national cuisine. Though the home country of fast food is, of course, America, at present we can distinguish between Chinese and Italian, Spanish and Mexican fast food. The elements of fast food culture can be perceived directly or indirectly in all spheres of life.

Much of fast food culture is covered in books of modern writers. The opinions differ, but fact remains the fact: today the world is quite different than it used to be and fast food is partially responsible for these changes. We begin to forget what the life has been several decades ago without hamburgers and pizzas, and cannot imagine spending long boring hours on the kitchen. Now the problem belongs to the past. It's quite enough to choose and order food and it will be delivered to your place whenever you wish.   There is no need to waste numerous hours on shopping. Fast food delivery service will spare your time.

Despite the fact that fast food has long ago entered our life and is seen as a part of us, not many people are willing to accept it. It is often criticized and not without reason. Fast food culture exerts direct influence on many aspects of life. It is believed to represent the best and the worst of the American nation. Numerous commercials feature fast food, placing it in a good light. Nothing is usually mentioned about the danger it may pose to health, or, moreover, the conditions in which fast food is cooked. Such commercials influence children to a great extent....


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