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Fast Food Customers

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Fast Food Customers
Fast food restaurants are becoming more and more popular in the United States. The rapid pace of contemporary society and the need of those “on the go” for quick meals bring the American public through the doors of fast food restaurants in ever-increasing numbers. No longer is the fast-food restaurant primarily a hangout for teenagers.   On the contrary, during recent years people of all ages have come to rely on fast-food outlets as a means of satisfying their appetite for the all-American meal of hamburger, French fries, and soft drink. Playing host to such a mass of hungry drop-ins is bound to put a strain on those who work in a fast-food restaurants, some are more welcome than others. In particular, three types of customers become very familiar to those who must serve them, the inpatient ones, the picky ones, and the easy to please ones.
The impatient customer is the most difficult type of customers for employees of fast-food restaurants to tolerate. Such a customer resents having to wait at all and, while standing in line, may rattle the staff behind the counter by making angry demands for instant services. If the employees cannot meet these insistent demands, the customer may summon the manager who may not be able to handle the customer either. An impatient customer who becomes irritated enough may walk out of the restaurant, leaving a bag or a platter of food on the table or on the counter.   He may go as far as to threaten never to return to the restaurant again often to the relief of the employees and the other customers who have been watching the goings on in dismay. Even if he makes good of his threat, of course, other impatient customers will come along, as will those customers who belong in the second category the picky or fussy ones.
Employees in fast-food restaurants also dread waiting on the customer who is picky about what he eats and where he eats it.   Because hamburgers cooked the normal way are either too rare or too well...


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