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Interview of a Business Owner

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Research Paper: Heimsoth Brothers Feed

Saturday morning on October 22nd I had the pleasure to meet up with Kim Heimsoth of Heimsoth Brothers Feed in Cole Camp, Missouri. This worked out quite well for me; I’ve had plans in the future for buying this feed store and this gave me some valuable insight on just how this hometown store operates.
Kim and his brother Darrel started their business in Ionia, Missouri in 1983. Kim laughed because he couldn’t remember the exact date, saying his older brother Darrel was the man in charge at that time. Darrel is no longer with us, but still Kim spoke of him as if he was still a major part of the feed store’s operation today, it was quite endearing actually. In 1994 Kim moved the business to Cole Camp, Missouri, right in the middle of town, only 4 miles away with the intentions of expanding and hopefully aquiring more customers. He explained that most of his customers where fine with the move, as it allowed him to stock his store with more tools, hardware,   general farming supplies, as well as more feed milling equipment including a bigger mixer to appeal to those who prefer to feed in bulk. He said in the first five years it was open in Cole Camp was when he contracted most of his repeat customers, and could count on one hand the people who verbally complained about his operation refusing to use his business again, since the beginnings in 1983. That’s not too bad for 28 years in business!
The second you walk in Heimsoth Brothers Feed, you really feel the hometown, friendly atmosphere. Kim laughed when I asked if there was ever to be a website in the future, he said he “preferred word of mouth advertising and free coffee.” The only other advertising he pays for, is a weekly add in the Cole Camp newspaper- which so happens to be next door, and a small billboard sign on 52 highway right outside of city limits.
“Keep it simple stupid,” is his motto, as he laughs about my mission statement and benefit question. He explained...


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