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Maintaining a Business

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“Understanding How to Maintain a Business”
LaShondra Davis
July 20, 2012
BUSN 105 – Monday
American Intercontinental University
Sean Kopinski

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All ends must be met, to maintain a significant sale.   The potential of customers, is that their concept is introducing new products/services that will potentially generate sales.   Expectations of any inventions are easily maintained through different facilities such as home offices and office buildings. Pertaining to future products/services within a specific market, the significance of investment offers the best opportunities.
An organization operates through three components of business: People, Machines, and Products/Services. Without the use of technology, people tend to find other ways to produce products/services in order to gain annual revenue. In other words, consumers must be cautious of the basic environments – legal, social and economic.   Each environment has a specific viral aspect of the business industry.
The legal environment consists of citizens abiding all laws granted by higher authority. Social environment offers targeted products/services beneficial potential profit. Also, the economic environment distributes amongst not only organizations, but amongst individuals too. Sole proprietorship, Partnership and Corporation are the three significant forms of business, which a business can operate.
The first form of business is Sole Proprietorship. Sole proprietorship is an entity, which an individual is held liable to all assets of a business. To operate a small business, being a sole proprietor there are many advantages and...


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