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Strategic Analysis Case Study

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Chocolate is by far the most common food item that people report that they crave. Those who crave chocolate tend to do so when they are emotionally distressed, although a separate dimension, whether one feels guilt, is also important. There are two major explanations of chocolate craving. First, it is said to result from a pleasant taste. Alternatively, it has been suggested to reflect physiological mechanisms, including increased serotonin production; the release of endorphins; the actions of methylxanthines, phenylethylamine, and anandamides; and the supply of magnesium. Chocolate is a special food; for many it has a uniquely attractive taste (Nehlig 2004). It has a cultural importance and is used frequently as a gift on special occasions. Such is its attraction that sections of the population will admit to craving chocolate. Some will even describe themselves as chocoholics, although from a scientific perspective the analogy with addiction may not be justified. Chocolate is chemically complex, containing many potentially pharmacologically active compounds, albeit in low concentrations. For example, it contains histamine, tryptophan, serotonin, and octopamine but these are found in higher levels in other food items without the appeal of chocolate, so it is improbable that they play a role it the attractiveness of chocolate (Nehlig 2004). Chocolate is one of the most popular products in the world. One company that produces such product is The Real Chocolate Company. This company makes addictive chocolate and cocoa products that are being sold throughout the world. It has acquired a reasonable number of loyal clients and suppliers.
External Analysis
TOWS analysis
Globalization affected greatly almost all the industries of the world. It brought about the need for change. The changes created a new competitive environment in this industry. Globalization is one of the threats to The Real Chocolate Company. Globalization can be a threat to...


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