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Case Study

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Family Case Study Questions

1)Calle: Indications that sexual abuse is occurring stem almost entirely from documented medical issues.   Specifically, the examination of the girl after the mother’s accusation of abuse on the part of the father revealed evidence of what appeared to be a pattern of ongoing sexual abuse, neither limited to simple touching as reported by the girl nor to the brief period of time the girl spent with her father.   The inconsistency of the girl’s explanation (i.e. her report of “touching” and nothing more severe) could itself be an indicator of the falsity of the accusations against the girl’s natural father, and the actual abuse as discerned through direct physical examination is likely something that Calle has been subjected to in her primary home, with her mother and stepfather.   The fact that the initial complaint of pain from Calle was brought to her father’s attention, and that he immediately contacted the mother, supports this interpretation.
Michael: Evidence of satanic abuse is not abundant in this brief case study; though there is almost certainly some level of emotional and probably physical abuse occurring, the reports of satanic abuse are not wholly substantiated.   The fact that such accusations have been made by a child so young, however, lends a certain level of credence to them, and again these would certainly be abuses that the child would be subjected to in his primary residence and not with his father.   The fact that the child’s demeanor instantly becomes relaxed around his father despite apprehensions prior to meetings strongly indicates that no abuse is occurring in this relationship.   The continued fear of such encounters does possibly indicate contamination of the relationship by the mother and/or stepfather.
2) The management of this investigation, especially given the fact that it has taken years to essentially progress nowhere despite the steady accumulation of evidence, would have to be judged as especially...


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