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Case Studies

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Read the following case studies, and respond to the question below.
Case 1: Program Auditor’s Dilemma
Joe works in the Program Audit Department monitoring service delivery options for all transportation programs in the city is under considerable pressure to bring costs down. For months he has been working on one report that indicates there has been some improvement in one area where services have been contracted out. However, no improvement has been noted in other areas, and costs rose significantly for one department. He released the report to council but not to the media. Last evening he attended council’s open meeting where a councilmember quoted sections of his report as evidence the city was getting costs in line with projected revenues. The information provided was accurate, but the overall representation of the data and report led to significant misrepresentation of the facts. Joe is the senior auditor for the Program Audit Department. He is mystified by the councilmember’s actions and concerned about the long-term consequences of this misinformation. You are Joe’s supervisor and among one of the highest civil servants in the city.
  1. What is Joe’s ethical responsibility?
  2. What should he do?
  3. Now that you (his supervisor) are aware of the situation, do you have an ethical responsibility?
  4. What, if anything, should you do?
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Practicing Public Administration
Case 2: Alcohol Board Inspector
An inspector named Maria at the state’s regional Alcohol and Beverage Control Board is a volunteer at a local animal rescue league that holds a gala, among other events, to raise money for animal protection, adoption, and medical care. The annual gala is a widely recognized and well-attended community event.
Maria decides to consolidate her efforts by personally dropping off invitations to the gala to the businesses in her district and asking them to make contributions by placing ads in the event program. She is enthusiastic and upbeat...


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