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Vaccination Arguments

Vaccines are always argued based on whether it should be taken or not. Most people are against vaccinations but somehow ends up taking it. Others however, refuses to take it due to the risk and concerns about the vaccines. These arguments are mostly due to the lack of information given or researched by the people. The people who get the vaccines are relying on the doctors and statistics, those who refuse to take it are relying on the information, which could be false, that they have heard.

"Also the vaccine is not 100% effective. Studies show that the Measles vaccine is about 95% effective." (healthboards.com) This is the fear of most people. They are unsure of whether it is effective and whether the chemicals used are poisonous to the body. Mothers are not sure on whether or not they should get they child vaccinated, for they are kept in the dark. However, most of them eventually do get their children vaccinated thus covering the population. "Many of the diseases that we are now fortunate to be able to immunise against are life threatening, only a few foolish individuals refuse. It is also selfish, it is important to keep 'herd' immunity high, at least 95%. This minimises the risk of the infections spreading in the community. This is vital, as there are always a few individuals who cannot be immunised due to immune deficiency problems and vaccine allergy."   (yahoo.com) This thought is the only reason that causes people to get vaccinated, to stay alive.

Nevertheless, there are still people who refuse to get vaccinated. If we take the Hepatitis B vaccination for example, people refuse to take it. Their main concern relies on the fact that it is not only a sexually transmitted disease, but is also acquired when a person comes in contact with the blood of a person infected. So, infants are able to become infected despite being vaccinated. "Another concern expressed by anti-vaxers regards the amount of aluminum...


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