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What I Love at Starbucks

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The first reason I love Starbucks is because their Peppermint Mocha is to die for!
The second reason is that Starbucks seems to be a meeting spot for any person, in any industry. Millions of dollars worth of transactions originate in Starbucks each year, and the vibe at Starbucks is very friendly and people let their guards down when drinking out of that trademark white cup. In Louisiana, it’s normal to butt into people’s conversations regarding anything, but at Starbucks, there is a comfortable vibe that even foreigners, that’s what we call people from out of state, enjoy. Starbucks is the perfect fit to Louisiana, we love our coffee.
Starbucks atmosphere has taking over the world. For instance, metro Manila is currently being swept by a coffee-drinking epidemic, and yuppies and young people are filling coffee places that have introduced previously unknown coffee blends from all over the world. According to Norman Koplas in his book “A Cup of Coffee,” more than a third of the world’s people drink coffee today.   People form all of the world have one thing in common, the search for that perfect cup of coffee.
Starbucks is a place for a great cup of coffee.   When you you don’t have time and cannot   make a cup of coffee at home, you can always find a Starbucks near you. From a cultural stand point, Starbucks across the world serve as centers for social interaction.   Providing a social place to congregate, talk, write, read, entertain one another or pass the time, Starbucks has that whether you are an individual or in a small group. I love that you can sit and enjoy the ambiance, relax with a good cup of java, read a good book or just take in the scenery.
I have been enjoying Starbucks coffee for years, the places have their special ambiance. Sitting on the stools next to the windows, I enjoy sipping on my mocha and reading my daily paper. The windows are always pristine clean and so clear, you almost want to walk through them. Their drive thru’s are...


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