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Parliamenatry Democracy

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Parliment : Composition The Parliament in India consists of the President and two Houses. They are called Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Though the President is not a member of either House of Parliament, he is a part of the Parliament. Let us now proceed to read about the composition of the two Houses of Parliament. The Lok Sabha is also called House of the People Its membership cannot be more than 550. Of these, not more than 530 members are elected from the states and not more than 20 from the union territories. In addition, not more than two members may be nominated by the President from the Anglo-Indian community, if the President feels that the Anglo-Indians have not got adequate representation in Parliament. Let us now read how members of both the houses are elected.Members of Lok Sabha are directly elected by the people. Each State and union territory is allowed to elect as many members as are on the basis at its imputation. Each state is divided into constituencies, which are roughly of the same size in terms of population. One member is elected from one constituency. This means that there will be as many constituencies in India as there are members to be elected to the Lok Sabha. The members are elected on the basis of universal adult franchise-You have read earlier that this means all Indian citizens who are above the age of 18 years have the right to vote and elect their representatives.The Rajya Sabha consists-of not more than 250 members. Of these 250 members not more than 238 are elected indirectly by state Legislative Assemblies arid. 12 are nominated by the President. These 12 are eminent people such as writers, artistes, scientists etc. The 238 elected members of the Rajya Sabba are elected by the 'elected' members of the Legislative Assemblies of the States in accordance with the method of proportional representation through a single transferable vote system.TERMThe term of the Lok Sabha is five years. But the Lok Sabha may be dissolved even earlier...


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