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Anti- Globalization

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Question #4

Anti-globalization protest: S11
  a) These meetings were for the World Economic Forum on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of September in 2000, they were held in Melbourne, Australia. The protests took place all throughout this community, people of all ages was spread out saying their opinions and statements about the meetings, and their reasoning’s behind the protest.  
  b) The purpose of these meetings was to discuss facts about the W.E.F, and what the organization was going to do next, and also discuss the future and present world economic issues.
  c) There were over 10,000 people of all ages and races widespread throughout the community as protesters. One of the major groups involved in the protest called themselves the S11 Alliance (dominated by many socialists’ parties). Most Eastern and Western Countries are involved with the W.E.F.  

  Anti-globalization protest: I.M.F and World Bank
  a) These meetings and protests took place in Prague, Czech Republic in September 2000. The protests were held all over the cities at different times, in all alley ways and blocked many roadways. This occurred for several days on end.
  b) The purposes of these meetings were to discuss exchange rates and ways to facilitate development through the influence of neoliberal economic policies. They also were focusing on ways to stabilize exchange rates to help people in less fortunate countries.
  c) The two globalization groups were the International Monterey Fund and the World Bank. The police estimated over 15,000 people involved in the protests, thousands of activists from all over the world came to protest.


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