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South of the Slot

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Report on “South of the Slot”
                      The story “South of the Slot” is an interesting story .It illustrates a lot about human natural and I learn a lot form the story. The main theme of the story revolves around a prosperous man who decided to pretend as poor laborer but things went quite contrast to what he really wanted.
                      The story unfolds with the fact that rich and the poor do not mingle; rich always look down on poor and, naturally, the poor have prejudice against the wealthy people. The story conveys such situation by stating that the slot divided the north and the south and the people from both sides never cross the slot.
                        Moreover, I learn that people can actually fall into the trap they have made. In this story, Freddie pretended to be an unskilled laborer so that he could research on his book, but he felt in love with his pretend life- his split identities led him to trouble. During his pretend life, he would drink ale, spent his free time with different woman and dance, but in his wealthy life, he hardly mingled with people, he went everything according to the book and was very critical about the poor people. Undoubtedly, he preferred his poor life for it allowed his cells to produce dopamine, which the brain desired a lot.
                    The story also conveys that love is very passionate emotion that can make people do barbaric behavior. Bill Totts, Freddie’s pretend name, felt in love with Mary Condon, the president of the Glove Workers Union, who devoted herself in laborers’ rights. As time passed by, Freddie realized that he could no longer exist as Bill even though, at that time, he was desperately in love with Mary. In order to forget Mary, he decided to engage to aristocratic Catherine whom he did not love. Freddie was being deceitful towards Catherine, yet she had no clue about that because she trusted him .The former passage indicated that love is not...


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