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Why Study

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“A teacher must always study to better himself/herself”.
This is one philosophy that I believe and truly follow, and this is the main reason why I am seeking admission to graduate study.
There are three interconnected reasons why I want to better myself. My first reason is personal. I know for a fact that a graduate degree from a good institution like University of the Philippines can help me with promotions and can give me better chance to be employed as a part-time college instructor. Another personal reason is to re-learn the basics of teaching and learning process. The last time I attended a formal school was in 2004. That was when I received my MAT degree at the Central Colleges of the Philippines. So, it has been seven years now since I have stopped feeding my brain with theories. I feel that I am already losing touch with the basics of teaching and learning. I did attend seminars sponsored by the Department of Education and by other universities, and I must admit that I did re-learn theories from them, but I feel that they are not enough, so I need to re-charge and re-learn. Why do I need them? Here, my second reason comes in. I need to re-charge and re-learn to reinforce my prior knowledge of the said theories, so I could re-kindle my passion for teaching and so I could also better equip myself for the teaching-learning process. If I would be able to achieve this, then my students would surely benefit from it. From this, my third reason comes in.   When I mentioned that my students would benefit from it, it will mean that there would be learning in our meetings. Learning means two things. If the students are able to master concepts and skills, there is learning. If the students are able to apply that to actual life, there is also learning. If my students are able to master concepts and skills it would mean a great help to our school. They would be able to help improve our school’s performance which at the moment is very low. If the students are able to...


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