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Chartres Cathedral Entering Through the Central Portal

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Chartres Cathedral
Entering Through the Central Portal

As you approach the Royal Portal of the Chartres Cathedral look up on the North Tower and you will see the amazing gargoyles.   The central portal is one of the three portals known collectively as the Royal Portal.   The central portal is slightly larger than the other two.

The central portal contrasts Old Testament kings and queens on the door jambs with an apocalyptic vision of Saint John above the door.   This portals main theme focuses on the last judgment.

As you enter through the central portal and make your way to the apse, the larger than life architecture features are astounding.   The nave, which is a long, narrow aisle that houses the congregation, is the first architectural gem that catches your attention.   On the left and right of you are the side aisles.   As you approach and enter the crossing, you will see the north transept on your left and the south transept on your right.   The flying buttresses, the pillars, and the stain glass windows are masterful sights you will see as you journey through the cathedral.

In summary, the magnificence of the Chartres Cathedral is hard to put into words.   The amazing six architectural features which include the gargoyles, the nave, the transepts, the flying buttresses, pillars and stained glass windows are truly a site to be seen.

Giotto’s Arena Chapel Nativity
Pisano in the Pisa Baptistery Pulpit

Giotto’s Arena Chapel Nativity depicts the birth of Christ.   The paintings are very colorful.   Giotto’s work is expressive and depicts human joy and sorrow. This work was completed in c. 1306.

Pisano’s Pisa Baptistery Pulpit was created mid 13th century, c. 1260. It is a classical work of the Renaissance period.   The scene depicts the life of Christ and Christianity defeating Paganism.   His work reflects antique sculpture.   The columns that support it are of marbles of various tones and are supported by wild animal sculptures....


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