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Chartres Cathedral

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Christopher Ware
AR300 Art History
Assignment 04

My name is Christopher Ware and today I’m entering through the center portal. I am trying to get to the apse. To be able to see an Apse I was told by my mother to visit an historic church. By going there I would be able to find very unique architectural features. So I got online and did my research. I found a church named Sant Climent de Taüll which is located in Lérida, Spain. I saw pictures of the church online and could not help the wanting to see it in person. So a month later I set up a trip to the province of Lérida, Spain. When I arrived to the small providence I was shocked at the large difference between The U.S and Spain. Everything was so rustic and from another century. As I arrived to Sant Climent de Taüll, on the outside of the church I saw the beautiful brown stones. I also saw the very large bell tower. I was thing to myself that this church was very old. I was overly amazed that all of these architectural features were done by hand. I walked up the steps to enter into the church and once I entered my mouth dropped. I looked up and saw the beautiful tall ceilings with aches and the beautiful stained glass windows. The windows are what stood out to me the most. I cold not help but to stand in the middle of the room and just loose myself looking into them. I have never seen anything like it in my life. The arches were made of concrete and the floor concrete was stained bright and dark colors.
While I was in the church one of the workers “by the name of Mrs. Alice Poydras” came to me and asked, my name and where I was from? We started taking about to church and the architectural features. She knew the hold history of the church. She told me that the church was build on December 10, 1123 and that it is a Roman Catholic church.   I asked about the tower connecting to the church. She told me that it is a slim bell tower that has six floors plus a base. She went on to say that the...


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