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No Religion Teaches Hetrate

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"Synopsis for "Monolith Of Evil"
After hearing from Solomon Grundy about the legendary Monolith of Evil that brought his dead corpse to life, the Legion of Doom decide to burrow their way to the center of the Earth in order to obtain the Monolith and gain greater evil power at their disposal. However, as Gorilla Grodd, Riddler, Cheetah, and Solomon Grundy attempt to get the Monolith, it is guarded by a powerful lava monster. So the Legion of Doom use holographic projections of both Luthor and Brainiac shrinking the United Nations building in order to fool the Super Friends into rescuing it from the lava monster, only to reveal that what they rescued was the Monolith. As Superman tries to stop the Legion from using the Monolith, the Legion stops Superman by using a Kryptonite ball-and-chain around his leg, preventing him from using his powers. Hawkman and Black Vulcan help get Superman to safety where Green Lantern creates a laser machine to cut away at the Kryptonite ball-and-chain and the Flash uses his superhuman speed to hurl it away. However, at this point the Legion is already using the Monolith to cause citywide panic by creating various forms of disasters. To the Super Friends' surprise, though, the Justice League computer's analysis of the Monolith reveals that its power is neutral and can be used for good or evil. Wonder Woman takes advantage of this knowledge by mentally controlling the Monolith to fix the disasters the Legion has created. "


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